Week 15

Let me start this by saying this has been a hard week to take pictures...
No there has been no major catastrophe, life is good right now
However, I dropped my camera recently
The nifty little digital screen cracked
So while my camera still "worked" I had no way to know how the pictures came out until they were uploaded (it doesn't help that my camera doesn't have a viewfinder on it either so it was just an aim and guess type of thing)
Fortunately today the new screen came in and I was able to fix it {YAY!!!}
Anyway...if any of my pictures suck...that's my excuse :)

Day 99 (Apr 9)
Jack decided that he didn't want to sleep
Instead he wanted to play
At Mommy's Desk
While standing on a paper shredder {unplugged}
And have Mommy take a picture of him
As he covered himself in post-it flags

Day 100 (Apr 10)
 I guess its pretty obvious I didn't take this picture
Thanks hubby...
This is me {all frumped out}
Taking the boys for the maiden voyage
Did you know
That ~67 pounds is A LOT to tow behind a bike?

Day 101 (Apr 11)
Tommy made a train track out of his wooden blocks
I guess the wooden train tracks just weren't cutting it anymore

Day 102 (Apr 12)
 The newest completed apron
I am in love with this fabric
and how this apron came out

Day 103 (Apr 13)
On a bad morning
Where little boys are sad
Sometimes they need
Shaped french toast

Day 105 (Apr 15)
It was beautiful out today
So the boys and I went to the zoo
Do you know how hard it is
To take a 2 y.o. and a 3 y.o. to the zoo, by yourself?
Its hard....
But totally worth it to see them sitting on the goofy giant wooden camel!!


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  1. I trained for my second triathlon with my two older boys in the bike trailer. It was like pulling 70 lbs and a giant sail when I was riding into the wind on those spring mornings. You're the woman!!!

  2. I LOVE out bike and trailer. My twins LOVE going for rides, I just wish my knees could handle it :(

    LOVE the apron! Very pretty :)

  3. It is hard to take a 2 y.o. and a 3 y.o. anywhere by yourself! I love the shaped french toast. I wish I had more time for fun breakfasts...but we run out the door for school most mornings with a poptart in hand:)

  4. Glad that you got your camera fixed, that would really have been tough.
    The last one is so cute.
    I never went to the zoo alone but we often braved the mall.... with them both on kid leashes attached to my belt loops! :D it was rather entertaining!

  5. I love the apron! It is so cute! You are having bad luck with your cameras these days!! Geeze! Great pics still though!

  6. Oh my goodness. I love that apron! And those pancakes look divine : ) You are such a great mommy!

  7. My point and shoot has the same problem and it is ANNOYING! I'm sorry about your camera! Is it something you can get fixed?

    That said, these are great pics this week! Your post it boy shot is just cute as cute!

  8. I am impressed you did the zoo with 2. Very fun french toast

  9. We are getting a kid tow for our bike this weekend... wait let me rephrase that. We are getting a kid tow for MY HUSBAND'S bike this weekend. I'm impressed you got 67 pounds to go ANYWHERE!

  10. They make cameras without view finders? What the?

    Well, I think your pictures turned out great -- I love the first one (great perspective :)

    I ALWAYS need shaped french toast. You've had a very busy week -- what a good mom you are!

  11. I'd say your pics came out pretty darn good given you were working with some tough challenges in the camera department. And glad to see you got the bike trailer!!!

  12. What great photos! LOVE the apron!

    The picture of the boys on the wooden camel is so cute, too!

    Happy weekend.

  13. I don't know I think you did pretty good for not having a "viewfinder." Yaya loves to play train with her ABC blocks, Jenga blocks and even a deck of cards.

    Gotta love their creativity.


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