Holy Crap I Finished a Book

...and now I'm giving one away!!!

I am so excited about this one....for so many reasons....

If you know me IRL you know that I am a HUGE Project Runway fan.  It is the ONE show that I MUST watch.  So when Laura Bennett contacted me {through my bloggy buddy over at Peanut Butter in My Hair} asking me to review her new book I jumped at the chance {FYI: Laura was a finalist in Season 3 and the mother of 6 kids - 5 of them boys...I'm exhausted just thinking about that!}

Didn't I Feed You Yesterday {A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos} is a fantastic and funny memoir, a tongue-in-cheek guide to surviving the chaos of motherhood.

I enjoyed Laura's take on motherhood and how she still maintains her own identity.  She does not claim to know it all or be an expert, no matter how many kids she has had.  No where does she tell you how you should raise your kids or even insinuate that her way is the "right" way {but she does dedicate one chapter to personal style and gives some great advice on how to look put together simply}.  Throughout the book, filled with funny, albeit at times exhausting, stories of life with her family, no matter how exasperated she may be, her true love for each of her children shines through.

Laura embraces her naturally laissez-faire parenting style and makes it work for her family.  With nannies and a manny named Blake she navigates life in Manhattan raising 5 boys in a 2-bedroom loft.  She embraces her imperfections, and those of her kids and her husband, and finds a way to make it all work.

I absolutely enjoyed this book - it was a fun light read - that had me laughing out loud more times than I can count.

Want a copy?

Buy it: Wherever books are sold, $24.00
Win it!

Laura is offering one of my readers a signed copy of this book for themselves.  And this time entering will be simple:  

Embrace the imperfect mother in you - leave a comment and tell me your best (worst) imperfect mommy moment, confess to that one thing you might do with your children that you maybe feel a little guilty about. 

All entries must be received by 
Midnight on May 14.

If you are wondering....my favorite Laura confession {I knew we were kindred spirits the moment I read this}
I wind up hiding in that fallback safe haven, the bathroom.  What's not to love about a room designed for one that has a locking door?
Ah yes...the joy of hiding in the bathroom...I really don't think I need to say more.  

Oh...and my confession....the boys had some cheese puffs before breakfast this morning, Jack was so proud of himself when he got out the bag and managed to take off the oversized chip-clip, that I just couldn't deny them this early morning snack!! 


  1. What a fun book! I LOVE Project Runway too:) My confession is that sometimes, if it will keep my boys quiet for a few minutes, I will let them eat as much candy as they want!

  2. Sounds like a fun book! When I can't take any more "Mama, mama, mama!" or the constant whining, I will turn the TV for one quick Nick Jr. episode so I can have a few moments of peace and quiet for myself!


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