Week 17 & 18

Day 113 
The dresser in the boys room
I am hoping some day to finish the room
and share pictures of it

Day 114

Day 115
Happy with his ice cream!!

Day 116
My Dahlia

Day 117
The cars await unaware
As Grave Digger prepares his attack
With the Bone Crusher ready to follow
(FYI: this is the closest I will ever get to a monster truck rally)

Day 118
Newspaper planters

Day 119

Day 120
 the seedlings

Day 121
Because I have nothing else going on
I have decided to revive this garden as well
(and in the fall we tackle the obviously dead lawn)

Day 122
Dear Target,
Having a carnival in your parking lot?
Not cool!!!
(taken w/my phone)

Day 123
I don't remember what he was eating
But I do remember he was enjoying it

Day 124
I've been trying to organize my sewing space
I finally put up my covered cork board
That's about as far as I got

Day 125
Thank you Uncle Nate
What better way to keep your kids contained
And exhaust them thoroughly
Than their own bouncy house

Day 126
The boys love their new craft space
and so do I
just please ignore the fact
that it is obviously
in our basement

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PhotoStory Friday
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  1. OH! That photo of your little guy napping made me "awwwwww" outloud. So cute!

    LOVE that you used newspaper for your seedlings. Smart:)

  2. Nothing wrong with a craft space in your basement.

    The monster truck shot is AWESOME (that's about as close as I'll ever get too :)

    Your dahlia is surreal!

    Buckethead sounds like the nemesis of some generic superhero :)

  3. great set of shots....love the flower shot....and the cars....and "buckethead" made me LOL. thanks.

  4. Love your pictures! The dahlia is beautiful. Looks like you've had some productive days!

  5. Great pics...the boys are growing so fast!

    I've been working on our basement for a good while. I'm switching all cardboard boxes to plastic ones. I tape a list of all items contained on the outside of every box. They stack, they keep out moisture, and they help to organize the basement...no digging through numerous boxes to find something. It's a never-ending process, though!

    Your dahlia is beautiful. I'm going to be planting some flowers this weekend. We're supposed to have frost tomorrow night, though, so I may wait until Sunday!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. very great pictures.

    i'm really impressed with your planters and seedlings. and your dahlia is gorgeous!

  7. The dresser is adorable! I love the bucket head...I have one of those too:) My boys love their monster trucks...though they call Grave Digger Great Big Digger {which is fine with me}!

  8. Ok.. my kids totally need their own bouncy house! I am SO jealous!

    Love the Dahlia too. So pretty!

    I could use some of that ice cream myself! Yum!

  9. I love this group of picures. We have that bouncy house & we love it. I love the sleeping cast picture. So sweet.

  10. I am in love with those vintage car decals....where did you get them?


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