Girlie Birthday Goodies!!

This past weekend was our friends' daughter's first birthday.  I thought it would be fun to make her a couple of gifts, something unique for just her.

First were the tutu and onesie.  (Can I tell you if I didn't want a girl before, after making this adorable outfit I am dying for a princess of my own to put tutus on!!)

And for her daddy (who grew up with Dan and is a music guy)

I have a couple more kiddie birthdays coming up, including Tommy's, I'm excited to make even more fun gifts for my friends little ones (in fact I better get started - and take advantage of this 2nd trimester energy that seems to have come along!!)


  1. That is an adorable tutu! I wish I can sew...

  2. Very very cute. You and Kameron could start a birthday party gift store with all the cute number and letter personalized gifts. Too cute.


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