Our Anniversary Adventure

Friday June 25th Dan and I celebrated our 5th anniversary - and we decided that we wanted the boys to celebrate with us (what is our anniversary if not a celebration of the day we decided that we wanted to start a life and a family together)

We surprised the boys with a trip on the train to Boston

anxious after seeing the high-speed trains - Jack was a little weary of the one that would be approaching

Tommy on the other hand strained to hear it come

From South Station it was only a short(-ish) walk to New England Aquarium

The boys loved to watch every fish and ever creature

Although no one loved the penguins as much as they loved each other!!

The great big tank in the center kept these three still for longer than I knew was possible

Tommy and Daddy enjoyed watching the boats outside of the aquarium

Jack napped at the Aquarium

and then another short walk to Faneuil Hall

Along the way we found this amazing fountain - so many kids playing with their families

Amazing living statues

Ice cream from Sprinkles in Quincy Market

We learned that Tommy likes Mint Chocolate Chip - and not just because its green

From there a not so short walk along part of the Freedom Trail

Jack hitched a ride - his favorite way to be carried "upside down" as he calls it

This red line marks the Freedom Trail

Through an old cemetery
I love the feel of this old cemetery

This is the best I could get Jack to pose

Even the cemetery couldn't wake a sleeping Tommy

And to Boston Commons.
Tommy loves to push Jack in the stroller as fast as he can, and Jack is happy to oblige

A quick rest, some water and some playing and off to the Prudential Center we headed.
{this was far from a short walk}

Jack on the way up to the 50th floor

enjoying the view

Up and down the Prudential, off to a little park, a candy store, 

Tommy on the way down

Our many attempts to get pictures with our boys

and to Back Bay to get the train back home

Poor Jack was so scared - Tommy helped him cover his eyes

He refused to even look at me - even though it was the noise that scared him

Tommy also helped cover Jack's ears

Poor little guy was so scared at the platform that he clung to me so hard I didn't even have to hold him

It was an AMAZING day - the weather was PERFECT!!  Beyond perfect, pleasant and warm in the sun, cool and comfortable in the shade, a gentle breeze blowing when you need it most!  The boys were troopers - with only one small umbrella stroller and a Mai Tai baby carrier, they managed to walk, ride and be carried throughout Boston without complaint - and nap in the stroller in turn.  I am so happy that we decided to celebrate our special day with our special boys - I hope that we can make a tradition of it.

{oh...but don't worry...hubby and I did get a wonderful date night on Saturday at the Melting Pot and a stroll around Providence during Waterfire}


  1. I am so impressed by your family approach to your anniversary. Looks like a fantastic celebration!

  2. How fun! Great pictures. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  3. A belated Happy Anniversary!

  4. I love that you spent your anniversary with your kids. That's really sweet and the pictures are great. I've missed reading your blog and have a ton of catching up to do.

  5. Sorry I missed your anniversary. Sounds and looks like it was a good one. The boys are such troopers. Glad it was fun for everyone.

  6. So, you inspired me!! We are heading to dinner as a couple tomorrow night for our anniversary (celebrating 15 years) but we are taking the kids to the coast for the weekend for a celebration. I always thought I would do something big for #15... taking 4 kids to the coast sounds fun and big, doesn't it?


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