Random Thoughts for a Thursday Morning

Tomorrow marks 5 years since hubs and I got married.  5 years of ups and downs, building our relationship and our family.  We have a special day (he took the day off) planned and I can't wait...I'll tell you about it on Saturday :)


We have decided that we need to work on our eating habits and meal planning in our house.  Recently dinners have been slapped together, with frozen pre processed foods, and boxed items making too frequent an appearance at our nightly meals.  For the past 2 weeks we have been working on changing that, using our HUGE collection  of cooking magazines and cookbooks to find new recipes and introduce more flavors and whole foods into our daily lives.

The impact that this has had on our bodies has been amazing, our grocery budget, however, is not so grateful.  Its amazing the sales and coupons for all the crap you can find on the shelves, it was so much easier to keep our budget low when I could walk into the store with a mound of coupons and a flier full of sales.  When shopping in mostly produce, meats, and whole grains its a different story.  This is a monetary sacrifice we are willing to make however.  I am going to find ways to shuffle money around, sacrifice else where.  Not only do we feel healthier, but dinner has become so much more fun and interesting again.  Every night is a new adventure with a new recipe (some are hits, some are misses) and I am not about to give that up, not yet anyway!!


I just discovered that my blog feed has been goofed up (my own doing of course) - I am so annoyed with myself right now, this means that most likely I have not been showing up in anyone's readers recently!!


I have been struggling with a decision lately.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to send the boys to daycare 2 days a week while I have been home.  At first I was just sending Tommy, it was important to me that he be ready for preschool and kindergarten, and then Jack joined him as well.  Lately I just haven't felt that they have been getting anything out of it.  And then last week I found out that Tommy won't even be moved up to the preschool room until Septmeber (I thought he would move up this summer - he is beyond ready to).  So yesterday I finally made the decision and pulled the boys from daycare (next week will be their last week).  Their spots will be held until September, when Tommy can get into actual preschool (where my amazing cousin will be his teacher!!).  Until then the boys and I are going to do our best to enjoy every moment of this summer - lots of berries and peaches to pick, gardens to tend, friends to play with, and hopeful a few mornings to sleep in as well :)

I have a couple sewing projects going right now and a few more planned - I have discovred that I love to sew, I love to make things, but I get bored making the same thing over and over again - which is what makes doing craft shows REALLY hard.  I can't wait to share what I'm making this time...just have to wait until I am done and my friends' son's birthday has come and gone.


I guess that's it for now - both boys are sleeping and I have to take advantage and get as much as possible done while I can!!!

Happy Thursday


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great day tomorrow:) I noticed that you hadn't posted in a while, but then yesterday like 5 posts from the past few weeks showed up! Glad you got your feed fixed now!

  2. Happy anniversary! I feel the same way about sewing. It is way more fun to make different things, especially if they are intedned for someone and not to sell. I am working on some stuff right now that I am super excited about!

    I know what you mean about shopping in those sections. I look at our cart compared to everyone else's in the store and half of my cart is filled with fruit and veggies and there is barely any processed stuff. Our grocery bill is also 130-150 a week, but I feel it is worth it to eat healthy food.

  3. Have a super wonderful day tomorrow. Happy anniversary!! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! LOVE the new look around here! <3

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm with you on the grocery stuff. We rarely buy overly processed foods, usually because of the sodium content, but it is soooo expensive to eat whole foods. Good luck with your quest!!


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