Is This Thing On?

This is by far the longest I have gone without posting since I started my blog and the most inconsistent I have been with it since Oct of 2008 (I even glossed over my 2 year blog-i-versary back in June).

I read a Blog Frog discussion recently - "What did you do before you blogged?" - there were all sorts of responses, all sorts of things that many of us have let fall by the wayside so that we can blog, dedicate more time to our sites and our friends.  Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with blogging, or deciding that blogging is more important to anyone than any of their other activities, but honestly - I miss a lot of what I used to do.....

In the past few weeks I have read 2 books (I am working on #3 now), sewed some new goodies (just trying to fix my combined computer/camera issues to get pics posted), made a million and one new recipes (I feel like we have been eating almost gourmet lately and its great), several trips to the library,  canned strawberries, finished the first half of my butterfly garden (part 2 & the new shade garden start this fall)...and I know there has been so much more.  Every now and then I want to take the time to post about all these new adventures, but instead I do a little more, or get some much needed rest.

If I tried I could probably count the times I have been to my favorite social networking sites since last week on one hand.  Its been relaxing.

And to be honest, I came here tonight with every intention of posting and updating and sharing so many new pictures....but my freakin' camera cable is missing.  I know its around here somewhere....if I only knew where somewhere was!!!

With that....I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer....and I can't wait to start catching up again!!!!


  1. My blogging has been lacking too! Enjoy yourself! How are you feeling?

  2. Enjoy your summer!

    Yes, I have to agree that blogging does take up quite a bit of time. Time that normally we would have spent doing other things that we enjoy. :)

  3. My blog has been quiet this summer too. There are more important things out there. Hope you are doing well! All of your projects sound wonderful. :)

  4. You and me both, babe. I kind of had to force myself back into blogging once a week. I'm feeling all cocooned and hermit-like.

  5. I have been posting regularly, but I feel like mentally I have been a bit absent! I find myself SO busy that I barely have time to blog!

    Sounds like you have been pretty productive. :o) Enjoy your summer.

  6. Sounds like the way summer should be. I have taken a huge step back too. I have not been commenting as much and do most of my posts in the morning or late night...the days are just so busy. We are really having an active summer. Which is good. hope you find that camera cable.

  7. I am feeling the same way considering I just wrote my first post in a month last night! I don't care right now though. We are enjoying our kiddos and if we don't have time to share about it, oh well...there's always winter!


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