To The One That Made Me a Mom

4 years (and 2 weeks) ago you made your great debut

Entering the world in time to see the fireworks
And Expressive from the start

4 years (and 2 weeks) ago you made this girl a mom

And now here we are

4 years (and 2 weeks) later - and I can't imagine my life any other way

You question everything....EVERYTHING!!!!
And while at times these questions drive me insane
I love your inquisitive nature and desire to learn.

You really are a social little guy, 
the highlight of your birthday party were not the gifts
but all your friends that came to play with you.

You are always concerned with whether or not we are happy with you
When you were in trouble the other night, you were sad that I wasn't happy
You then made it your goal to make me laugh, and you did...
Even though you were still in trouble

You are terrifyingly aware of your free will
You informed me recently, when we were discussing your bad behavior at the library
that you didn't behave because
"I wanted to do what I wanted to do and you wouldn't let me"

You love to read, and love for me to read to you.
We love going to the library together
Playing with their toys and finding new books

You are sweet and sensitive, but still all boy
Trains and trucks and cars make you happy

You are already an amazing big brother to Jack
And so excited to meet the newest baby for you to take care of

So Happy Birthday Tommy
{and sorry this post is 2 weeks late - we have been having too much fun for me to post these days!!}


  1. That train track you guys have set up in that one pic is amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday {2 weeks late} to Tommy! I had to laugh at the free will part...sounds just like my oldest:)

  3. Happy Late Birthday to your boy. He is adorable & such a great big brother.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your Tommy! I still can't believe Brea is 4 and will be starting BIG school next year. Breaks my heart but in the same breath it makes me so proud. :)

    Have a great weekend hun!

  5. Happy birthday (plus two weeks), Tommy! :-)

  6. Ahh, I can't believe how far behind on your blog I am!! I suck at blogging and being a mom of two. How do you do it???

    Love your blog layout, by the way. You probably changed it last year for all I know. : )

    Happy Birthday Tommy!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Tommy! What a sweet, sweet post.

    (And when will we get an update on that baby? ;) )

  8. I still remember when you were pregnant with him! It doesn't seem like that was over 4 years ago! Sheesh! Happy (belated) birthday Tommy. I have something for him the next time we meet up!


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