Beautiful Bounty

Compared to previous years, my garden this year could only be described as anemic :).  It is hurting - my zucchini and pattypan plants have died, the peppers are less than perfect, and it seems that my beloved 5 year old scallion plant is on its last legs (sob).

{My dying/dead squash plants are in the middle of the garden tomatoes on the right}

And yet....

When I went out to my garden this morning I found a beautiful bounty awaiting my faux-farmer's fingers.

The (planted too closely) tomatoes are bulging, the eggplants deep purple and bright white, and a plethora of cantaloupe are preparing to ripen.  So I guess for all my failures in my garden this year there is still enough harvest to be more than grateful for.  This is what I picked this morning as the rain started to descend, in a little while I'll head out again and grab some lettuce, basil, mint, and marjoram.

(now if I can only get my flower beds to look a little more groomed and a little less weedy!!)


  1. so awesome!!! I've always wanted a garden!!! I dont even know where to start? If I were to start with a couple fruits or veggies which are the easiest? :) Got any tips to share?

  2. Beautiful veggies, even if it is tough this year.

  3. That is a beautiful bounty!

    We skipped the garden this summer and my flower beds are really hurting. I have been too preoccupied with other things. I miss my flowers most. (Last year was our first try at a garden. It was fun but I have not mastered gardening yet.)

  4. Hi Liz! We met at BlogHer. I'm glad I found your blog! Good luck with your third kiddo!

  5. I love that you got some great harvests from your garden. They're awesome!

    (Do come over and join my giveaway for a chance to win some Rachel Ray or Le Creuset kitchenware!)

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  7. Beautiful garden area! The picket fence and gate around it are very cute.

    My husband is really into gardening. I'm hoping by next year we'll really get it producing well. Ground cherries has been what we've had most of this year so far.


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