Re-Organizing Once Again

I think about once or twice a month I try to clean and reorganize my sewing space.  So it comes as no surprise when I had a day with no husband or boys to entertain that I once again holed up in my cave and went crazy cleaning, folding, and reorganizing once again.  And fortunately for me, before I started this time around I found this amazing tutorial on making mini fabric bolts.

Newly organized fabric shelves

You can't see the top with its baskets full of little goodies and trinkets
just to the right are 2 sets of drawers full of paper, minky fabric, interfacing and other goodies that just don't have a home.

Cutting table with new BIG cutting mat

Small shelves  - holds patterns, pins, small fabric pieces
Hanging rulers 

Sewing table (kinda obvious right?)
yes it's a bit messy considering I just "cleaned" but honestly its in constant use and this is pretty darn clean for this table!!

There is no such thing as too many ribbons :) 
(this isn't even 1/2 of them!!)

my recovered cork board and mason jars full of tools

Extra table (eventually this will be replaced by the desk that is currently in my bedroom)
{this is my do everything else at table, you can see the mess of the basement and the laundry on the lines behind it - you can also see my new cricut!!}

So that's it - that is my space, my little spot of zen in my crazy life, a spot that reflects my chaotic style and full of a little bit of crazy too.   It will always be crazy - and there is so much more to it you haven't seen - and so much more I'd like to do to it (the wall are too white, but being basement concrete my decorating options are limited).  Enjoy my space (I do!!)


  1. Love these pics, do want to have that organization. Great job

  2. I keep chanting February, February, February when I will have a craft room of my own and can get all of my stuff out of my living room!

    Um, funny and unrelated is the word verification for today "piness". Sounds a little naughty if you say it fast! Oh and Blogger has a new spam thing to keep spam comments away. You should try taking off the word verification and see if it works.

  3. Your sewing room is great! I am so not very organized...all my stuff is just shoved into the bottom of our china cabinet! I love the mini fabric bolts.

  4. SO much nicer than mine! The sewing machine sits under E's desk, the fabrics are stored in Ziploc bags in an antique suitcase, and the other notions are stuffed in a sewing box between our desks. The serger...well, it's behind a bunch of stuff in a cabinet. So, your setup looks really nice to me.

  5. You did a great job...pat yourself on the back, girl! ;-)


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