Running Shoes

New Kicks
Firmly fastened to sweet little feet

Soccer balls in hand, at foot
ready to entertain

The perfect park,

Hills for rolling

fields for running

water for watching.

The perfect park for little boys to expend their energy
And test out new running shoes
Still fresh and white {but not for long!!}

A moment shared

A catepillar admired

{it was crawling on a cap from a water bottle}

A family of foxes discovered.

{there were 5 of them - at dusk the pics were hard to get}

Prescious memories made, long to be treasured.


  1. Love it!!! Looks like a great time. :-)

  2. Is it right by your house? I love finding new parks that are close enough. I have given up on white shoes...for me and the boy!

  3. Very cool pictures! I especially love the foxes

  4. Love it!! Especially the pic of the caterpillar!! Thanks for stopping by... I dont think I have seen the Little Mermaid in years either. Luckily Emma Hates to watch TV (thank goodness) so we dont watch a lot of kids movies!!

  5. Wow what an awesome visit to the park. That caterpillar is very cool and huge. Can't wait to see those little soccer cleats you were telling me about.

  6. Perfect memories indeed! :) I love going to parks with the kids!

  7. We have been summer-long frequent park goers. Seems like that's the only way we've stayed sane and happy! LOVE these pictures and only wish we had hills to roll down!


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