Happy Birthday Little Miss K!!!

My sweet friend Elaine over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life is celebrating her sweet daughters first birthday all week with a bunch of fun giveaways!! This includes a giveaway for one of my custom onesie-tutu sets (which I sell on my Etsy Shop).

(this is my friend's daughter Grace rocking her tutu at the beach)

Head on over to Elaine's blog and check out all the amazing goodies she is giving away - and also check out how awesome she is in general...because she does totally rock (2 sons and 1 daughter, my type of mommy :)

Baby K's 1st Birthday Blog Par-tay

Happy Birthday baby K!!!!


  1. Could that photo be any cuter? Happy Birthday baby K!

  2. Aw, thanks for the sweet words! I'm so excited for YOU to have a girl too and thank you SO much for doing the giveaway. That is a fabulous photo of your friend's little girl! :)

  3. Happy birthday pretty baby, she really look like her mom. Wonderful pictures!

  4. That tutu is adorable! I am long overdue for a visit to your etsy shop. :)


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