Random Thoughts From a Pregnant Brain

Because these are the only thoughts I have in my head right now...


We are still at a loss for little girl names - not a clue even where to start.  I have been asked how many are on the list...so far? none. Not a single one...don't even know where to start, what I like, what I don't like...just completely clueless on names right now!!  I think finding a new name for my blog will be easier than naming our newest offspring!!

I has also hit us that we have a little over 3 months left until we meet our little girl.  3 months to figure out where she is going to sleep and to get her crib put together.  3 months to pick a name.  3 months to sleep.  Not that we sleep all that much (seriously....I have a 2 year old who still wakes at night 1-3 times a week....its fun!!)

Oh....and 3 months to get at least one decent belly shot taken :)


I am slowly building up a stash of cloth diapers for baby girl.  I am determined to give it a fair try this time around.  I am also planning to approach our future daycare about this, as far as I know right now they don't do cloth, I am hoping if I work with them and show them how easy it can be they will be willing to give it a fair shot.

I am also trying to wrap my brain around exactly how cloth diapering will work for us.  How many diapers will we need?  Where will we keep them?  Do we want cloth + covers? All-in-Ones? One-size? Pocket Diapers? (seriously...do you know how many options there are?!


Why does it bother me when I tell people that Jack is 2 they then say "WOW!!  He's really big for his age!!"  Why is commenting on his size so important to other people?  And I am really curious who they are comparing him to....his last appointment he was 15th percentile for both height and weight...so no he is not big.....but why does it even matter?  Why does it bother me?!


Tommy is so excited to be a big brother, and this is so exciting to me.  When Jack was born Tommy was still only 20 months, he didn't know to be excited, he didn't quite get what was going on until his baby brother arrived.

This time he gets it, he is excited to meet her, to hold her, to change her diapers (I'm holding him to this one).  And his excitement also gets Jack excited.  Jack doesn't quite grasp it all yet, but he does understand that something is happening and that he will have a sister.  (although last night he did point to his own belly and say "This my sister" HA!!)

He and I sat and talked the other day.  He was asking questions about when Mommy has the baby if she will go to the Drs and if he can come too.  He wanted to know who he would stay with and who would be with me and the baby.  And curious about when he could meet her too.  It was so sweet to just sit and talk to him about it, knowing he gets it (as much as any 4 year old ever could).

This baby girl is going to be a blessed little princess, not only will she have her parents adoring her, but two older brothers as well who are anticipating her very presence.


With all that....I need to go to bed....tomorrow the boys and I have a completely open and unplanned day and I am determined to make it a good one!!


  1. Just don't pick her name from the TV. The poor child does not need to be named Snooki! LOL
    I love the pictures! So sweet.

  2. Girls names are hard! We're struggling too. Our top 2 were taken by a good friend and my hubby's brother who had little girls in the last 2 months. They didn't know they were our top 2, but it still sucks. We have 2 others that we agree on, but I'm struggling because I'm just not in love with them like I was the other 2.

    And I found myself overwhelmed by all the different types of cloth diapers too. I asked a friend who has cloth diapered 2 babies already and has a strong online community of cloth diapering mom friends what she thought, and she recommended the Flips. So I trusted her and invested in those. I got 6 covers and 36 inserts per her recommendation. Obviously haven't used them yet, but they look nice.

  3. I found you on blog frog! Great blog and how awesome that you're having a little girl with two big brothers! That is my dream someday :) I have used cloth diapers with both of my boys so if you ever have questions I'm happy to answer anything!! (emilybwilson@gmail.com) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  4. I'm of no use to you on the cloth diaper thing, sorry. I never had the desire to give that one a try. I hear you on the names though. It was so hard to name Nate. It was almost a relief that we'd had Arielle's name picked before we knew Nate was a boy.

    As far as size goes, you know both of my kids are giants. i get that all the time. We were at the park on Sunday and Nate was playing with 2 boys. i asked their mother how old they were and the one that was smaller than Nate was going to be 4 this month. She was amazed when i told her he was just 3 in June. It doesn't bother me. My kids are healthy, not overweight and happy. People just like to comment, so just let it roll off your back!

  5. love random thoughts!
    i also LOVE cloth diapers. (we still have three in diapers) evaleigh is the first baby i've clothed straight from the hospital. prefolds work the best for those 'early' days. my favorites after are pockets and fitteds w/covers. i'd be more than happy to answer questions. :)


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