Soccer Week 3

This whole soccer mom thing is definitely an interesting adventure for me!!

Fortunately it is also a very fun one!!!

Tommy is loving it more and more each week.  We can already see his coordination improving, and he loves all the other boys on his team.

This week was our first "game" against another team.  Although I don't know if I would really call it a game.

And we did have some issues with a couple of the boys on the other team constantly trying to tackle the bigger boy on our team.  This made me realize how much I LOVE the parents on our team.  We all stick around and watch our boys together.  2 of the parents have sets of boy/girl twins - they each have to split their time between the 2 teams, but they work it out with us and each other so their kids are always supervised.  The other team did not seem to follow this rule (which in the U5 division is a RULE) and we had to peel little boys off our teammate when their parents were not there.

Other than that - we really did have a great time again!!!  Our little team of 6 all get along so incredibly well and the parents all seem pretty happy with each other too!!  We also all love our "coach" - a high school boy from the HS soccer team. He is so patient with the boys and you can tell he is really enjoying teaching them - and they all really like him!!

This week was also picture week - if you think watching 4 year olds play soccer is chaotic, you should see the chaos that is kids of all ages trying to get their pictures taken, and parents trying to keep them all corralled!!

I can't wait to see what next week brings!!  I just really hope we keep having the great weather that we have been blessed with so far - I am not looking forward to soccer in the rain quite yet!!


  1. Oh yes did love those soccer days...went by too fast! Enjoy.

  2. Oh fun...been there done that. Stunt Man starts flag football in a few weeks. Yikes. But fun.

  3. They are so adorable!!! Is this his first year playing? Or did he start last year?

  4. Why would you just leave your 4 year old there to play?? That seems weird to me! I'm glad he's getting into it.

  5. Thank you for sharing your sweet boy's soccer with us. Our club requires a parent to be there all the way up until age 15. I couldn't IMAGINE leaving my 4 YO at the field without me. Love that the high schooler is working out. :)


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