The Lists: Fun Fall Projects

I am determined to decorate for fall and halloween this year, but since our budget is severely limited I am trying to find some fun inexpensive ideas of different things I can make with items I already have on hand or those I can find for very little money.

5 Fun and inexpensive Halloween projects

1) Super cute wooden pumpkins - check out Crafty Chic Mommy's tutorial Here

2) Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom always has some fun great ideas - I am in love with this Easy Halloween Frame

3) These Halloween Buddies are adorable!!  I know the supplies are within my budget - now lets just see if I posess the proper painting skills!!

4) I absolutely love this idea for a halloween costume - so fun and easy. I might even try to make the boys some fireman and policeman costumes like this for everyday fun!!

5)  This one is so fun and simple!!  I might even try to make these pumpkins with my boys this week while the rain keeps us inside. And if you want them bigger than the original check out how this blogger made hers.

Do you have any fall crafts you are going to try? Did you already post one to your blog?  I would love to see how you are decorating this year!!

I am going to keep looking for some fun fall decorations that aren't so Halloween oriented as well....but I figure this is a start!!!

Happy Tuesday all!!


  1. Thanks for your sweet words Liz! I love those Halloween buddies, and I know my boys would too!

  2. You are doing wonderful with decorations! Good for you!

  3. Such great ideas! I love the second one and now I'm wishing I hadn't just thrown those container in the recycle bin! HA!

    And the paper doll costume is so fun!! Thanks for sharing these


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