Things that Make You Go Boo!!

I have to admit that this year, as big as my intentions were, I just didn't get into the Halloween crafts - I am hoping to make up for it with plenty of Christmas decorations.

But in playing along with the SITStahs - and in my meager attempt to win myself a lovely new (and badly needed) camera, I thought I would repost my Jack Blue-o-lantern from last year. 

(my boys wouldn't let me carve a pumpkin this year, all the pumpkins that came through our door required paint!!)

I had big plans - it was going to be elegant and pretty...and then Hubby stepped in.

"I want something more traditional" he said

"fine, pick out a stencil online and I will carve it"

this is what he picked...

Now I ask you...since when is Blue (of Blues Clues fame) a traditional Halloween Jack O Lantern?!

And do you know how hard it is to transfer from flat piece of paper to large round pumpkin...and then to carve it?

The worst part, after the darn thing was carved once, I had to carve it again.  I hadn't gone through enough of the incredibly thick skin for the darn thing to glow, and hubby wanted to be sure the boys saw how cool it was when it was glowing.


  1. lol well, the story is funny and the pumpkin is oh so cute! I am terrible at Carving (We actually *painted* our pumpkin this year) so it's awesome.

    Stopping by from SITS. Hope you win the camera :)

  2. BOO!

    I was super-lazy...no pumpkins here.

  3. We did 2 pumpkins and they were tiny but somehow still a lot of work. How is that?

    I want to try and do the 3D pumpkin carving but I'm honestly not sure how to start. Y'all did a great job. I hope you win that camera!

  4. Oooo! I like how it looks without you carving all the way through. Fun!

  5. You are braver than me. I don't carve at all. It is ENTIRELY my husband's department.

    And Blue's Clues might not be traditional, but it can certainly be scary. At least to us parents.

  6. You do need a camera! Last years pumpkin was cute...How do you have time?

  7. That Blue's Clues Pumpkin is GREAT! I never carve pumpkins. That's dads department, so I'm super impressed.


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