WW: Apple Picking

We finally made it out apple picking this past weekend.  Headed out to our favorite farm with friends and kids and picked our fill!!

The boys had a blast, and we were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous fall day!!
{and the next outing we have I am going to hand hubby the camera for a little bit just so I can prove I was there!!}

sidenote: someone asked the other day how I get the rounded corners....I upload my photos to picasa and then from there edit in picnik - using the create option I give each pic a frame with rounded edges and save it.  Blogger makes it easy from there to then use the photos right from Picasa onto your blog.


  1. We didn't get to go apple picking this year. Our local orchard was all picked out - and closed. Has been for almost 2 weeks now. :( I guess I should have been more on the ball.

    Your boys are such cuties!!!

  2. Such memories of apples picking...You always have great photos!

  3. Great pictures! I want to take my boys apple picking...but I don't think there are any apple farms near us:(

  4. How adorable are your little apple-eaters???

    And those rounded corners? Windows Live Writer will do that for you as well as add a watermark easily... I'm so glad to have found an easy way to edit without uploading! :)

  5. How many apples did you pick and what do you plan to do with them all?

  6. Great pics! I have Picasa, but don't really know how to use it. I like the rounded edges on your pics, though.

    I'm sooo computer-challenged. I just got my computer back today, after having someone work on it for 10 days. He told me my problem was an ID 10 T error. I'd never heard of that, so I asked, "What is that?" He told me to write it down with no spaces between the letters. My problem...ID10T error! lol

    Glad y'all had fun picking apples...the boys are growing up so fast!

  7. I would love to go apple picking but nowhere to do it here - gah!

    Love that first photo.

  8. Great pictures! (They would have been perfect for I Heart Faces this week too.....I didn't get a chance to play along myself).

  9. Looks like so much fun! It makes me so excited to take my boys to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins!

  10. I've never been apple picking. Is that weird?? Love the pics. And thanks for the tips on the rounded corners. I just maxed out my photo storage for blogger, so I might need to do the picasa thing. I've been doing rounded corners through fireworks (like photoshop), but it's not a super quick process.


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