Pooh and Tigger Out on the Town

I wish I had taken more pictures

The boys were so cute in their costumes!!

It was so fun seeing them wander the neighborhood

(with our friends, and their kids)

I loved watching my little Tigger bound up to each door

(with his buddy, Woody....what?! You didn't know they were friends?!)

Proudly pound on the door and ring the bell

Until candy was produced.

I loved watching my little Pooh Bear

Cautiously follow behind his brother

And timidly produce his plastic pumpkin when treats were offered.

I wish I had taken more pictures

But looking back, I am ok that I didn't

I enjoyed every single moment of our little adventure

Without worrying how the pictures were composed

Or if they were in focus

Maybe I'll coax them into their costumes again

But for now, I'll enjoy the pictures I have and the memories of a fun night!!

And for now I will hope that these pictures and this little post will be all it takes

To win me the amazing camera

From the even more amazing


Wordish Wednesday

***Oops forgot to add - Thanks to my mom for making these amazing costumes for the boys!!  She had them both done within a few days, brought them over for fittings, and them brought them back finished a couple days after that!!***


  1. Did your mom make those again?? They turned out so cute!! Get them dressed again when it is light out and take some more pics. I'm glad I got a couple because I will not be squuezing my poor baby back into that outfit again! lol

  2. You must add them to our costume contest! http://foster2forever.blogspot.com

  3. So cute! I love it when kiddos wearing matching or coordinating costumes!

  4. oh my gosh... i love it! fantastic costumes!

  5. Your mom MADE those costumes?!!? They are amazing!! And your kiddos are very cute in them!!

  6. Ah, so now we know where you got your talent for sewing! :) They look adorable!! Glad they had fun!

  7. I took my boys out for photos on one of the many occasions we were headed to a party or something or other. That way I didn't have to take any spectacular pictures on Halloween!

  8. Those are adorable! In awe of your mom's sewing talent and I can see where you get it!

  9. How many times did Tigger pounce on Pooh? Did Tigger spring about on his sproingy tail? Did Pooh get stuck in any doors after eating too much honey?


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