Questions for You Mamas

Funny this is the third time I've done this, but I still have questions.  There are still things I wonder about, I would love your input.

On the baby shower - did you have a baby shower for each child or just one for the first?  I had one for Tommy but didn't have one for Jack and won't have one for the little miss.  I am perfectly fine with that - I have everything I need really, but sometimes I feel bad that my other children didn't have their own party.

Were your kids late? early? on time?  I'm really curious, Tommy was on time (to the day), Jack was a week late, I have no idea what to expect with this one.

Did you have a "feeling" you were going into labor soon? Were you right? What signs (other than contractions) did you notice that your body was getting ready?

When did you pack your bag? What did you pack?  I am trying to decide what I need to pack - what for her and what for me.

Do you think it was easier being tired from being pregnant or being tired from being up with the baby?

Do you have any suggestions for my blog title?  I am definitely changing it but have no ideas....


  1. Hey lady! Let's see...I had a shower with Sienna(actually I had 3!) and with Cara I had 1. Corban came 5 years later and I had another one with him. And I had a small church one with Brennan. Not for Keaton, though and I'm completely fine with that.

    Sienna was 10 days late, Cara we induced at 39 weeks, Corban was late by about 4 days, Brennan was late by about 3 days and Keaton we induced early at 39 weeks.

    I was induced with all 5 of them so I've never been in full blown labor on my own. With Sis I never felt anything and never dilated. Cara - same thing. With Corbs I effaced but didn't dilate and with B I walked around at 75% and 5 cm dilated for a couple of weeks but never could get past it. With Keaton I got to 75% and 4 on my own before we induced.

    I packed my bag with Sienna about a month or two before. HA! First child syndrome. With the rest I packed about 2 weeks ahead. WEll, except Keaton - I was still packing the day we headed to the hospital. I took FAR less crap, too. LOL Honestly, all you really need is one of those little travel packs with Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and a sponge. Deodorant. Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Baby Book if ya got it. Underwear and clothes to wear home. Oh, and a brush. I forgot a brush this last time and it sucked. A hair band (not like Posion or Ratt or something - a hair tie thingy).

    It was easier being tired from being up with the baby. Honestly, though, my pregnancy was so darned brutal with the never ending migraines that darn near ANYTHING would be better than that.

    Blog Title - Uh, Loving Mom, 3 kids? Clarity? Ha! See? A play on your name. No clue.

    Good luck to ya, Mama! I wish for you a labor as easy as mine was!

  2. haha!! love this post! I'll be back to see the answers you get, bc im wondering some of the same! We're in the same boat girl.

    I think all babies should be celebrated so see nothing wrong w a shower for each baby. Naturally i think the 1st will be the biggest.

    My first i was induced 3 days early bc he is big. My doc is saying most likely i look like i could go into labor early w this one... oh i soooo hope sooo!!

  3. These are good questions! I thought it was easier at first to be up with baby, but I quickly changed my mind. I was so darn glad not to be pregnant anymore, though!

    Both times, I thought I'd go early. Both times, I went late. They had to induce me the second time around, and that was 7 days after the due date. That chick never wanted to hatch.

    For your bag? Earplugs. A friend told me about that and she was so right. If you can get some shut eye, make sure it's not too noisy with your earplugs.

    Good luck!

  4. Good questions, I have only had one baby so only one shower and wouldn't have any other showers b/c I'm old-fashioned when it comes to etiquette.

    Jackson was 6 days early :) I felt like I was getting my period and something was going on... I packed my bag at 37 weeks, mostly a robe and a bunch of stuff I never used since I had an emergency c-section. Are you going to W&I? I loved them!

    I think it was easier being tired and pregnant...

    Not sure about your new blog name, maybe Loving Mom to Three? I'm so unoriginal, sorry :(

  5. I have two darling girls... you are going to love her so much... will be different than sweet Tommy and Jack.

    I had high risk preggies both times so I was watched like a hawk toward the end. I was induced with May at 38 weeks... first baby, induced early and still took TWO DAYS to have her. Almost worth every minute... nah... WORTH every minute. :)
    I was scheduled to be induced with April just a couple days before her due date. She didn't like me and the doc telling her what to do... so she decided to come early... by a couple of days... at 39 weeks. She woke me up in the middle of the night with labor. I started timing them myself, so Mr. W could sleep. After about an hour I decided it was time to wake him up. We barely made it to the hospital in time. I was down to 3 min contractions by the time we got there. Doctor walked in, only got 1/2 her gown/etc. on before she was catching April. LOL
    The only thing that made it clear that we were close (before labor) was the baby dropping...

    I packed my bag only a week before the scheduled inductions. Remember I was closely monitored, so I "knew" when I'd be headed to the hospital... :)

    A baby shower with each preggy... but both were surprise showers. I think it was easier being tired being preggy... but that all changed after a couple of weeks... when we got into a groove.

    Pack your bag - don't forget the deo, toothpaste, hair brush, lipstick and gum/mints.

    Blog title - humm... this is hard. Maybe 2 Princes & a Princess?

  6. I don't have a whole lot of input because it's been a long time for me (my youngest is 9). 2 of mine were induced, the other was a c-section one day past due date.
    Don't forget the fuzzy socks for the hospital!
    And good luck. =)

  7. Oh, I forgot to say, I had a shower with all 3 kids...we just like parties around here!

  8. Oh, I forgot to say, I had a shower with all 3 kids...we just like parties around here!

  9. I have two boys, and I had a very big shower for my first-born, and my sister threw me a surprise shower for my second son with close friends, which was greatly appreciated.
    I was induced with my first, and it was perfect! Easiest labour ever, fun day, nothing bad, loved every second. I was induced 4 days before my due date.
    Second baby, I was 10 days late, and was going in to be induced the next day but my water broke at night. Next day, baby was born, again easy peasy labour. :)
    I didn't have any feelings about when they'd be born, though, and I packed my bags a week before my due date, I believe. :)

  10. I can't answer any of these questions. I have one little girl and unfortunately I did not give birth to her. I have no idea what it's like to be pregnant or what it feels like just before you deliver. I'm a little relieved to say that. LOL

    We had a shower to celebrate her and I honestly believe every child should be celebrated or honored in some way. It doesn't have to be with toys, blankets or clothes but something to celebrate them.

    I can't wait to hear what your new blog name will be. How about 3 Little Fishies and a Momma Fishy Too?

  11. I had a big shower for Nate and then a "sprinkle" for Arielle. I didn't register the second time around. It was more of a chance to celebrate her and people gave me girlie clothes for her!

    As far as arrival time goes, Nate was 1 day early and Arielle was 5 days late. Nate is still in the same hurry so it makes sense.

    I thought I was starting labor with her 9 days before she was born, but it was just some regular B&H contractions. I had no idea when I went to be that night that I would be waking at 430am in full blown labor.

    With Nate I packed my bag a couple weeks early, but I brught nothing I actually needed. I forgot shampoo, conditioner and it sucked. I also brought a sack type outfit to bring him home in. What was I thinking?? How was he supposed to get strapped into the seat in that? lol With Arielle, I packed a week in advance and I had everything I needed. Chapstick was a must. I also brought the Boppy the second time around. It made it soooo much easier.

    I'll take pregnant tired over newborn tired any day.

    I'll try to think of suggestions for your title. I still have a little more time!

  12. I was just popping over here to see - well, if you popped! I had a Csect - scheduled - so can't help you there. I didn't have any baby showers at all, i wanted to buy all my own stuff and didn't want to have to deal with returning anything I didn't like when my first one was born.(yes, I am insanely OCD)

    "Loving Mom Two Genlemen One Princess"


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