Olivia Ruth

I can't believe she is here

or how quickly she came, once she was ready

I walked into the hospital at 10:00 am, not really convinced I was even as far in labor as my midwife said

An hour and a half later, 11:35 am I was holding my little (pudgy) baby girl

All whopping 9lbs 1oz of her.

Less than 36 hours later we were home

Really it was amazing

And now I have this amazing little girl

Our newest addition

That has always belonged right here

And I couldn't imagine life without.

A sweet little princess

Adored and protected by her brothers

Already daddy's little girl.

Now we adapt to life as a family of 5

And figure out how to make it all work

(like 3 carseats in the back seat!!)


An Unexpected Break

It wasn't planned or intentional, but it seems that for the last ~almost~ month I have taken a (much needed) break from my blog.  It has been nice (although in some ways I have missed it).   Its nice to play with my kids, nap, bake, sew, live, without thinking "will I post about this?".  Its a relief to take pictures and not wonder if they will be blog worthy - or sometimes not even take pictures at all and just enjoy the moment with my family.

But now I am back....I think....

And if you are curious what you have missed from my little family since November heres a brief run down:

  • I slept - a lot - brewing a baby and then getting bronchitis is not very fun
  • The boys are still cute
  • I am still pregnant
  • We have baked christmas cookies (snickerdoodles this year)
  • Enjoyed Thanksgiving with lots of family
  • Picked up and decorated our tree, and put lights outside our house (a first for us)
  • Built train tracks and building with our blocks
  • Really just a bunch of the same old stuff, nothing new or exciting, just life.
So really you haven't missed much.

My boys are still the cutest ever
The little miss is still incubating
And we are still just trucking along like we've always done.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have a Christmas project completed (and maybe I'll even get pictures of it) and a little miss on her way.

And just in case this turns into another month long hiatus (although I don't think it will)