Learning How To Juggle

If you haven't seen me lately, wondering where I have been, noticed an absence from my blog and yours - I'm sorry.  I've discovered that having three kids is like learning to juggle, its not impossible, but it just takes time, and maybe a little more coordination.

I'm trying hard to figure it all out.  Make time for each of them, make time for my husband and make time for me.  Trying to figure out when the laundry will get done, when the cleaning will get done, and how exactly I will get dinner made.

I'm discovering things about myself, and about what I need to do to be a SAHM who does more than sit on the couch and watch my house become a mess.  I'm learning how to budget, how to stretch a single paycheck and coordinate a family of 5 with a single car.  I am learning how and when I need to ask for help.

So wish me luck...hopefully you will start seeing more of me as I get this whole juggling thing down. (and hopefully one of these days even a blog-lift....HA....)

OH...but don't feel too badly for me and my stress...because even on my worst days I still have this sweet face to remind me its all worth it!!


  1. Good luck! It's great to see you in good spirits despite how hard it is to manage it all.

  2. I've tried juggling and I suck at it! I'm glad it's getting abit easier, even if it is just a little. :) She is super cute!

  3. Now THAT is an adorable baby girl...I love those sweet cheeks! :-)

    Hang in there, girl...you'll get everything figured out.


  4. Well, kudos to you, because I can't even juggle my TWO kids, let alone 3!! And husband and me time and laundry and cooking... ugh.

    Olivia is the sweetest!!!


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