Happy Valentine's Day!!

Its Sunday night...

Tomorrow is my first day of work in almost a year...

And what am I doing?

Uploading pictures of my loving boys

wearing the christmas pants that I just finished making yesterday

And of the valentines I just finished for Tommy's class...

homemade heart crayons
with Dora the Explorer cards
that Tommy designed on NickJr.com

very proud of how well these crayons came out,
A project I will be doing again!!

Hope I don't pay for this too much tomorrow :)

So Happy Valentine's Day to you!!
May it be a day full of love and hugs
A little bit of joy and a whole lot of chocolate!!


  1. Loving those cards and crayon project!

    And your boys are so sweet!

  2. cute crayons!
    Have a great first day back at work and Happy Valentine's day!

  3. Homemade crayons!!!! Wow! What fun.

    Happy V-day to you, too.

    PS sorry I have been away from my reading of your sweet blog! But I am really trying to get back into visiting AND commenting on my faves again.

  4. You get extra credit for the homemade heart crayons so the christmas pant delay is cancelled out. :-)

  5. cool hearts! what a fun idea ...

  6. That was such a cute idea! How did you do the hearts?? Welcome back to work!


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