I Can Do This!

I can do this?

Some days its a statement, others a question.

I have returned to work full time, 8 hours a day, plus commute and lunch.

Its only been 3 days it feels like 3 months.

Tommy has hardly noticed the difference.  He was already in school or with my dad most days.

The littlest guy is thriving. My aunt has been staying with him (and the little miss) and he is loving her attention. He is potty training, and really starting to take to it, despite all the changes going on.

The little miss is doing well.  This is by far the most I have ever been away from her, I think its shocking to her a bit, but she's adjusting just fine (and takes a bottle like a champ)

And we are all adjusting. 

There is a new schedule, a new stressor, a new lifestyle. In a couple weeks new day care for the littlest two.

Hubby and I can breathe a ltitle again, as the money problems are not so severe (and we can start digging ourselves out of debt again).

I think I can do this. 

There are still other things to figure out and organize.

I need to build up a supply of milk for the baby. I had to thaw out what little was left in the freezer last night - that needs to be restocked.  I need to make the time to pump during the day and relax while I do. (I am very fortunate to be at a company that supports families and provides a wonderful private mother's room - in each building - for mothers to pump and relax)

I need to figure out our routine - getting the children too and from daycare and Papa Rich. Preparing breakfasts and lunches - quick, portable, nutritious meals. Meal planning for dinner, organizing the shopping, the prep, and the recipes so that Dan and his mom can easily put meals together while watching all 3 kids and waiting for me to get home. (so we aren't eating after 6pm every night)

Laundry is piling up - a new routine is needed if we want to have clean clothes on Friday.

Learning what to let go of, what I need to quit, permanently (too much tv) or until we get adjusted (facebook will still be there next week). And how to balance my time and energy between the things that are important to me (my family, my friendships IRL and of the "virtual" variety, sewing, etc)

But mostly I need to learn to let some of the small stuff go, and know when to ask for help! Its ok if the floors aren't swept, or there is some mail piled up. When I have a bad night I need to ask hubby, MIL, dad, friend for help and remember that its ok, I can't do it all.

I can do this.....



  1. yes you can!! Call if you need me!

  2. Yes you can! Always a challenge starting something new and busier!

  3. Sounds like you're already doing great!! Hang in there and the routines will get settled down soon.

  4. It is hard at first, but you'll fall into a routine that works for you guys. :o)

  5. Your post is bringing tears to my eyes! as a mom of 3 who use to work full time I can totally relate! when my youngest was 2 I decide to make the leap and stay home...it was the best decision I ever made.

    You CAN do it! Just keep reminding yourself that you dont have to be perfect!



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