Meeska Mouska....


Jack is very into Mickey right now - adores him really, so it was only natural that he have a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party this year.

I kept the decorations tame - used a cupcake stand that I found at Walmart

It even came with the little cupcake toppers...so cute.

But the coup de gras....
My big personal touch...
The shirts.

As is my tradition for Jack's birthday (I don't know why but it has just happened this way) the boys had personalized shirts for the party.

This year, to go with our Mickey theme, and the fact that I can't wait for us to be able to take them to Disney World (in a few years) I made them Mickey Mouse ear shirts (inspired by the mouse ears that you can buy at Disney)
something about their expressions in this picture that I love - so serious

They were surprisingly easy to make - just a little felt fused to red shirts that I happened to already have.  I would have stitched them too, but I made them the night before the party (like the good little procrastinator that I am) and just didn't have the time

The hardest part was getting the felt to fuse without melting it (polyester craft felt, not nice wool felt) and writing the names since they were done free hand.

But really I'm quite proud of the shirts...

And what a wonderful day my little (growing-to-quickly) 3 year old baby had!!


  1. Those shirts are way too cute. YOu are so creative. Love it! Wow the boys are getting so big.

  2. Sound like a wonderful birthday and I love those shirts!

  3. I'm glad I brought my camera! Happy Birthday again Jack! You are such a sweetie! Oh, and Tommy too...ask Nate. "Hey, what about my kiss?" lol

  4. Those shirts are ridiculously adorable!!! You're so creative! I am a HUGE Disney fan & I've brainwashed my family into loving it just as much!

  5. Those shirts are adorable. We love all things Disney and I am huge fan of DIY anything. Great job!

  6. so cute! Hope Jack had a "hot diggity dog" birthday!!

  7. Wow! They boys are looking so much alike now that Jack has gotten a bit older! (And not just the awesome shirts either.) How cute!

  8. The shirts are great! Now, THAT'S my kind of crafting...no sewing involved! ;-)

    I can't believe Jack is already three...Jeezalou!

  9. Wonderful! Happy 3rd to Jack. :-)

  10. Love the shirts!!! And the cupcakes turned out great. I'm starting to get excited for Aidan and Lilah's double birthday (but also have that "what was I thinking" feeling in the pit of my stomach.) Parties are so much work!

  11. You should be proud those are some awesome shirts! I LOVE a good theme and cupcakes! Happy birthday little man!


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