My Little Butterball

My sweet baby girl went to the Drs on Tuesday

It was her 2 month well visit

She was weighed and measured

poked and prodded (poor baby).

The Dr and I agreed

she is beautiful

she is healthy

and cloth diapers today are pretty damn cool

{no really - he actually commented on them - it was kinda fun}

She is roughly the size

and shape

of a little butterball turkey

but a heck of a lot cuter!!

at 11 pounds 14 ounces she rings in around the 75th percentile for weight

at 22.75 inches she's only around the 25th percentile for length

short and fat

and oh so squeezably cute

*thanks Kameron & Meg for the use of the cute accessories and Meg for taking all the fun pictures!!


  1. She's adorable...I love her big, blue eyes!

    Cloth diapers are the thing in our area. All the young moms are using them around here. You're right...they are pretty cool!

  2. She is adorable! Love the hat and the headbands. Does your daughter hate tummy time like mine does? She's 2 months and cries every time I put her on her belly.

  3. what a little doll!! I just want to eat her up...much like a turkey dinner! Glad she's healthy and happy!! Kiss those sweet cheeks for me...and throw in a nibble or two!!

  4. Oh, she is absolutely precious! I'm glad all is well.

  5. She is so beautiful, look at those blue eyes! My girls were both butterballs, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I miss those chubby cheek days.

  6. She is SO beautiful!!!!

    Hope things are going well! :)

  7. She looks so cute in the headbands! I love it! Can't wait to get some more cuddle time with her at my brunch!

  8. Love that first pic, like she's a little terminator, comin' atcha!

    Your blue-eyed butterball is the cutest thing ever!

  9. What a sweetheart and Happy Birthday to Jack!

  10. She is just adorable. Loving the headbands and those beautiful blue eyes. Wow.


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