I'm Still Here

I promise I am.

I know I don't write much anymore

and I'm lucky if once a week I visit and comment

but I'm still here.

I guess I'm still just learning how to juggle it all

Life with three little ones

a full time job

Preparing for t-ball this spring

and *gasp kindergarten in the fall.

gearing up for craft show season,

and trying to find time to sew.

I'm trying to learn to use my new camera

and lamenting the loss of my old one

if you've been reading here a while you know I don't like to post pictureless

Mostly we are good

there are some things I would change right now if I could

but I can't

so I focus on the good

my cute kids

my loving family.

I keep having these random thoughts

Things I'd like to share

questions I'd love to ask...

like how to deal with sibling rivalry?

or when you're walking down a long hallway and see someone at the other end you know walking your way exactly how close do you get before you say hello?

and isn't it awkward if you say hello to soon?

But mostly we are just moving forward in our lives

learning how to do it

juggling our time

and making sure we all get where we need to go and when we need to be there.

I'm hoping that I can slowly starting working the things that have fallen aside back in




but only time will tell.

and for now I make no promises

to write or to comment

other than to promise that I'll try.

So now its getting late

time for sleep

there's another busy day tomorrow

and a date tomorrow night.

(Spam A Lot if you're curious)


  1. Good to "hear" from you. :) I'm sure you'll get in a good rhythm soon. It's hard at first and working full time, wow, I can only imagine. xoxo

  2. I hear you on adjusting. Hopefully the wee one will get into a good sleeping groove and the time you need will open up! Have fun at SpamALot!

  3. Sometimes real life just takes over, I hear ya. Enjoy it!


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