WW: Graduation Day

Last Thursday night our daycare had their preschool graduation and presentation.  All of the kids in the preschool and pre-K classes participated in songs and all were given a certificate of participation or a diploma.  My little family is so blessed to have had one child in each class this year. 

 Baby boy is holding his teachers hand.  She has been amazing at helping Jack come out of his shell and really working with his shy personality (instead of trying to change it).  We are so sad that she will be leaving (to stay at home with her kids!!) I know Jack will miss her.

He is definitely no longer a baby!!  My little boy is growing too quickly!!

He's an officialy pre-K graduate!!  Kindergarten here he comes!!

Jack and his friends.  You have no idea how HUGE this is for my shy little man
(and I can't help but wonder what exactly do 3 &4 year olds discuss)

These boys are growing to quickly...I'm trying hard to remember to devour every sweet fleeting moment of their childhood - because, I know, one day I will blink, and they will be teenagers!! (*shudder*)

On a sidenote....I have to brag a bit....check out my WW post from last week.....I have a SUPER HUGE update there!


  1. Your boys are so handsome! Congrats to the preschool graduate!

  2. Yay for graduations! They are getting so big. It makes me laugh (and cry a bit) that we have known each other now longer than these little beings have been alive! :)

  3. I know just what you mean! My baby boy just turned 5 and will be going to kindergarten in the fall.

  4. Awww! I can't believe how big they are getting!


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