5 Years Already!!

Well 5 years and 1 day as I write this post

I became a mother.

Life as I knew it ended

And a whole new, even more wonderful life began.

My Dear Sweet Tommy,

You are my little man,

Thoughtful and sensitive, you are quick to love

And want nothing more than to be friends...


You are a caring big brother

I know as the years go on, you will be a guardian

of this sweet baby girl

and your baby brother

(even though he drives you crazy!).

You are all boy,

happy to run and play and build


I love you my little man.

Thank you for being you

And for being the one who made me a mommy!!


  1. Seriously? Five years old!?!!

    I love that we were both pregant with our boys at the same time. How amazingly they change us from the first day of their arrival!

    Love your little (big) guy - and would love if he made Itty Bit one of his friends too!

    Happiest Birthday!

  2. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your big 5 year old!


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