The Birthday Week

Tommy turned 5 on July 3rd...

And this lucky boy

(who already gets fireworks on his birthday

every year!)

had basically and entire week to celebrate.

Home for the week with Mom and Dad

bedtimes were delayed.

The entire neighborhood wished him well whenever they saw him

(Included Big Tom who lives down the road and shares Tommy's birthday)

Many meals finished with ice cream...

other meals started wtih ice cream...

and, yes, a fair few consisted of nothing but ice cream.

He played with new legos....

then when those were a day old....

was given even newer legos to try out.

He slept to his hearts content

and showered as infrequently as he could manage.

And then....as the week was drawing to an end

And Mommy and Daddy were ready to collapse...

This amazing, sweet, and only slightly spoiled big boy

had a bowling party....

followed the next day by a lego party.

So once again

{and for the final time}

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet Tommy

I hope this year was as wonderful as it looked!

{I fear what he will be expecting for birthday number 6!!}


  1. Wow, sounds like he had a great time celebrating. Good for him. After all, you only turn 5 once... ;)

  2. Looks like an awesome birthday week! Loving the blue tongue too!

  3. I want ice cream for lunch now. :) I'm glad he had fun! We had fun celebrating with you guys!


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