If You Give a Boy Some Drift Wood...

Welcome to all the lovely visitors from Miss Elaine-ous Monday!!

If you give a boy some drift wood

He will see in it an alligator and ask you for some green paint.

 Once he sees the paint on his hand, he'll want to make a hand print

So he'll ask to paint the driveway.

While painting with the green paint he will remember that brown is a good color too.

So he'll ask you for some brown paint to go with the green.

You'll give him the brown and put it in a plate so he can make some prints.

He'll want to make a picture

So you'll give him more colors.

And watch him make foot prints and hand prints

And color in the drive way.

As he walks back to the paints

He will see the piece of drift wood

and ask you for some green paint  so he can make it an alligator.

*inspired by If You Give a Moose a Muffin


  1. This is SO cute, the pics and the story! Love it. :o)

  2. Too perfect! I think you should print the photos and make a book exactly like those captions!

  3. So cute! And I bought a muffin mix the other day so we could read If You Give a Moose a Muffin and then make muffins:)

  4. I love this books series and I adore your take on it! What a lucky little boy you have!

  5. SO adorable!! And SO true! I have 3 boys and when we get started on something we always end up going to several different things (ideas) before we get back to the original.

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Great post! I have 2 boys too and have often said that our days are like those books!

  7. Ha ha! I love your interpretation of it! They look like they had a blast, for sure.

    Thanks for linking up and posting the button, my friend!! xo


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