Getting Away From Me...

....Life that is....

its all getting away from me...

piling up...

being left behind.

There are messages left with no response

blog posts half finished, publishing no where in their future.

Pictures drowning in the organization hierarchy of dated folders...

...never to be printed.

Its all getting away from me.

There is just too much to do.

Three kids, one husband,

piles of clothes to contain,

lunches to prepare,

bottles to mix.

Bags upon bags, hauled off to the car

every morning to be delivered with their respective children

to their respective daycare rooms

as I dash off to work.

I am stripping down,  and finding the bare bones

What is needed, what is necesarry, and what can wait.

Loving on my children, and raising them well.

Enjoying the summer,

and my return to the working world.

Finding a way to get the important things done

and slowly working on fitting in the rest.

I am happy, content, full.

And finding that I do not miss

that little bit that is being left undone,

at least not for the moment.