Its Somebody's Birthday Today....

...Or so my husband informed me at dinner tonight....

I told him not to worry I already called my dad to wish him a happy birthday...

he then pointed at my darling baby girl and reminded me...

today SHE is 9 months old!!

9 months ago today I was experiencing the most speedy and amazing delivery

9 months ago today I discovered the joy of wrapping a pink little bundle in pink little blankets

And 9 months later I am still enjoying every single moment of it.

Well almost every single moment - 3 kids, working full time, soccer practices & games, a hubby returning to school adds for some very stressful moments - and very late nights. 

But actually having these three lovely children...yeah that part I love...

So happy 9 months to the sweetest of sweet little girls

And just in case you are wondering - if some day you are reading mommy's blog (while trying to figure out why your baby book went so neglected) here are some of your recent(-ish) milestones

  • you are a true omnivore - but a selectively picky one.  While those peas were wonderful at home, you decided at school you wanted nothing to do with them.  On the other hand you think falafel is one of the best thing you've ever eaten
  • you do not like to sleep.  You do not want to go to sleep, you do not want to stay asleep, and god forbid anyone other than mommy try to put you to sleep
  • You are mommy's little girl, in every way, you are mommy's girl.  If you know I am in the house you are not happy unless you can see me
  • You are happily cruising and getting very stable at standing without holding on to anything - walking is in our near future - I am both thrilled and terrified!!  
  • you are a lady of few words, you are happy to babble and chatter away, but you have very little interest in saying much....well much except "Dada" (if you are wondering all three of my kids have honored their daddy by saying his name first)
  • You are the cheesemaster of all cheesemasters - you LOVE to greet us with funny silly faces, and when you catch someone's you ham it up like its your job
So to you...my sweet darling baby girl...

Happy Happy Birthday - thank you for an amazing 9 months already!!


  1. She's such a sweetie! Sounds like she has Daddy (and Mommy) wrapped around her little finger.

  2. awww wow!! 9 months already and on the move! :) She is so pretty.

  3. She's so cute! Audrey doesn't let anyone but me put her to sleep at night either. And teething has not helped her in the sleep department! 9 months just flew by, didn't it?!


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