Three Little Birds

I woke up this morning
Smiled at the rising sun
Three little birds
Sat on my doorstep

Singing a sweet song
A melody pure and true
This is my message to you

Don't worry
About a thing
Every little thing
Is gonna be alright

 Celebrating my new look & the new title & life with my three birds 
and singing to myself my favorite Bob Marley song
as I stay up to late.

Hoping with this comes a fresh start to my little piece of this blogosphere!

And thank you so much to Jill from Sneaky Momma's blog Tips and Tutorials, my good friend from back before Jack was in my arms, we were moms wearing puke together and now she is one of the best blog designers I know!!   She is quick and amazing (and I love her!!) and check out her blog for brilliant blog designs tips!!


  1. What a fun theme!

    And your littlest got her own set of beautiful blue peepers! :)

  2. Thank you so much for blogging about your makeover! I had SO much fun working with you! I loved working with those owls. Every time I would move one, I would think to myself, "Jack should go over here" or "Tommy needs to be over there." Never a question about where to put your little miss!
    I will be forever grateful for meeting you. I was a scared, overwhelmed mommy who needed information, reassurance, and friendship. You helped me in my time of need and how can I forget...you introduced me to the blogging world! :)

  3. First, I love Jill and I love your new blog look! Second, is it kind of sad that they only reason I know that song is because they play it on Nick Jr sometimes?!? Yeah, I think so:)

  4. Your kiddos are so cute!
    Oh, and I love the new look!


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