WW: Hayriding, Corn Maizing, Pumpkin Patching Fun

With the hubs in classes I find myself flying solo on Saturdays
And I have found that flying solo is a lot easier when we have some fun distractions
Like hayrides at pumpkin patches that have corn maizes.

I also find on these outings, it helps to be friendly
and willing accept the help of the other parents
who want to give my 3 year old a hand
getting off the hayride.

seriously - who wouldn't want to help this cutie!

I won't lie - it isn't easy
Its crazy exhuasting
And I get crazy loud
I mean like loudest person there loud.
Its how I keep tabs on my kids
And leave with just as many as I've arrived with.

 when flying solo it helps to lower your expectations of the outcome of any photos taken!

Despite the crazy and the noise
I LOVE these moments with my babies
And every week I find myself trying to plan the next big trip.

note: I did not tell him to pose - he posed himself :)

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