WW: A Runner?

I've taken up running lately - I mean I have really been enjoying it, as much as I've been hating it - if I go more than 2 days without running, I feel it, I miss it.

Is this what makes me a runner? or am I still just someone who runs?  I can't help but wonder - is there a time limit, a certain pace that makes you a runner? Does it matter?

Or is it my amazing outfit that solidifies my position?

Or the fact that I have an equally well costumed running buddy?

Well whatever the title, and regardless of the importance of labeling myself, I am going to keep running like something is chasing me until I can't run anymore (which will hopefully be well after the 1/2 marathon in August that Kameron and I will be training for next.)


  1. Speaking of that, I have already put my sneakers in the car so I don't forget them for tomorrow! Outside run of at leats 3 miles! It's on!

  2. I've been running lately...and I don't enjoy it very much either. Adding a tutu may make it more fun though:)

  3. You are a runner! If you miss it when you don't do it, that counts! (But I struggle with considering myself a runner because I'll do it for several months, then stop for several months, then start again). I guess I'm a sporadic runner :) What half did you two sign up for?

  4. Oh, that's awesome! I really want to start running again.


  5. I'm a fan! I mean, not of running unless someone's chasing me, but of your running gear!

  6. I LOVE it!!! Your both are awesome! :) I need to start running again. I feel so much better when I do. Though I'm definitely NOT marathon material.


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