WW: Too Quiet

In a home with three kids

Even when one is out with his Papa

Any sense of quiet

In the pre-bedtime hours

Is the definition of too quiet

Because no matter how young

11 months or 3 years

The ability to be quiet only comes

While concentrating on

Mass laundry destruction

In other words....

Look at the freakin' mess Jack and Olivia made!!!

 Two baskets full of laundry - completely emptied.

From Olivia's view point

Jack decided to hide in those now empty baskets.

They are so lucky they are so cute!!!


  1. SO cute! I've learned the hard way that silence=mischief with kids :)

  2. Oh man! I sure hope those clothes weren't folded:) Quiet almost always means trouble at my house too!

  3. Sorry! Couldn't help but laugh at that first picture where you can see Jack in the laundry basket! Upside down!

    They have an amazing capacity for "distribution" :)

  4. That is too funny! Silence is never good when kids are awake!

  5. Hahaha! Those peaceful moments always come with a price. Yes, good thing they are so cute!!!


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