25 Days of Christmas

This year I decided I wanted to do some sort of an Advent/25 days till Christmas calendar with the kids, and I wanted to keep it simple.  With the hubby in school I'm on my own most nights of the week - so I was afraid to commit to too much (I LOVE the experience type calendars where you get a new activity every night - but I just fear that I wouldn't keep up with it).  I also didn't want to go with candy everynight, but I wanted something they would be excited about. 

In comes one of my favorite crafting creation ever....self stick foam!!

I managed to find these cute little foam stickers in ornament and Christmas light shape - perfect for decorating a little foam Christmas tree.


Fortunately before I had to make the tree I found this cute little one at Target - the perfect size for the ornament sticker.

Each night the boys get little ornaments from the "Calendar" (they are little pillow boxes, meant for wedding favors, decorated with snowflakes, and with a black sticker number)

and they get to put them on the tree where ever they would like. 

They were so excited to start decorating their tree last night - and I love that we have this fun little Christmas activity that we can to together (that doesn't add any more stress to my daily life).

This weekend we are going to finish decorating and put up our big tree, I'm hoping then to get a full picture of the boxes hanging from the mantel as well as more pics of our little foam tree.


  1. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


  2. Terrific idea! I went the stress route and we've been doing an activity everyday - plus another advent starting with the 12 days of Christmas. What have I gotten myself into? hee hee

    Love that the boys are having so much fun with their tree!


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