It Takes a Snow Storm

To get me to post again apparently!

 One of these days we'll teach that shoveling the driveway is more useful than shoveling the yard.

 My happy little snow angel!!

 Jack's BFF "Ben-ja-Ben"

 Someone is waiting for a push.

This was Olivia's first real day in the snow - I'm surprised she actually seemed to enjoy herself.  I have to admit too that I really do have a love hate relationship with the snow.  I love how beautiful everything looks under a fresh snow, and the effectiveness of good snow play in exhausting my boys is unmatched, however the cold wet feet and treacherous driving I could do with out.

*and please don't criticize the lack of pictures of my lovely boys enjoying the snow - they move so much faster than I do!!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the kids! All I can say it that their eyes just shine in these photos. Looks like fun! It's snowing here right now but it's more of a snow sleet mix. Not fun to be out in but the flakes are pretty falling.

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    1. Thank you!! I love a little bit of snow in the winter. Its so fun and pretty. I can do without that wet sleety stuff though!!

  2. Beautiful photos!! :)

    I love the magic of fresh snow.

  3. Thanks!! Its so fun and pretty, part of me hopes this isn't the only snow we get this year (although its starting to look like it may be!!)


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