Down The Rabbit Hole

This past weekend, a bit late of course, we celebrated the very merry unbirthday of our dear sweet Livvy-Lu.

Weeks of planning

creating the invite (original design that I recreated for my own use here)

rolling little paper flowers late into the  night

sewing one of the cutest little outfits I've ever made

it all came together wonderfully.

But the party?

The actual festivities?

Those were made perfect by all the family and friends gathered there.

Every single person who came out to celebrate our precious baby girl,

Every child who laughed and giggled,

colored and played,

and enjoyed this special day,

No pretty handmade decoration can take the place

of the joy and love that we felt that day.

Happy Birthday (a little late of course)

To my sweet and beautiful baby girl

Know that you are loved

And a special thank you to Kameron for all these amazing pictures!!


  1. What a most fun theme! Happiest (late) birthday to your littlest! She is just beautiful - how wonderful to have a her!

  2. I can't believe she's already 1 year old! She's absolutely adorable.

    Love the party idea!


  3. I think it all came out amazing! Great job! I had so much fun takingthe pictures too. :)


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