The Great Staycation

Last week we had some time off of work and school and had the chance to hang out as a family.

It was supposed to be relaxing...but we forgot that carting 3 kiddies around on excursion after excursion (including Red Robin) isn't really all that relaxing...

And trying to buy new hockey skates with said kids, not too easy either....

But locking the two littlest ones in the mini-van (with Mom of course) provides for some cute bonding moments...

Trying out those new skates with my guys was a great source of exercise and laughter...

And the 1/2 mile hike to see the seals that stretched on for 2 1/2 miles was worth it, even if we could hardly see much more than the rocks moving in the distance...

See those rocks way out there?
See the seals on them?
yeah...neither could we.
(until the kind family near us let us use their binoculars)

And 7 hours spent at the Museum of Science (without the littlest one) was not at all restful, but exciting and amazing...

I am still a bit tired, but that comes with the job.
And looking back - we embraced, and enjoyed every moment that we could
and cherished what is currently a very very rare moment for us.


  1. I need to do more local excursions with the kids. We loved the Boston Aquarium. We really need to take them to the MOS!

  2. fun and educational times in your house!! I kind of miss those days!
    Happy March!

  3. It sounds like you kept busy, but had a good time!


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