Inspire Me

Motivate me, encourage me....something....

At this point I'll even take a swift kick in the backside....

Lately my blog has been full of pictures and fluff (true content few and far between)...

I want to write, I love to write....but man am I having a hard time doing it, like I've gone two dimensional and have nothing to say.

So please...help a friend, fellow blogger out.  What do you do when you hit writers block? When its been so long that you feel that nothing will break that wall? 

Is there a favorite Meme you turn to?  And old picture you share? A favorite topic you has out again?

any thoughts, suggestions, advice?


  1. I may be really late in noticing, but I love the new pics on your sidebar:) I've been in a major slump with my blog lately too. I feel like I am grasping for things to blog about instead having way too much to blog about! I haven't been crafting lately because life has been too busy and I haven't taken any fun pics of my kiddos in weeks! So pretty much no advice from me...just don't give up:)

  2. I am struggling too.

    I think a new weekly meme would help me. I am getting to my 366 project but not much else.


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