Not What I Planned

I was never sure I wanted kids

I never dreamed of my big wedding

I wanted to hike and travel

I wanted to see the world on my terms and in my time

but that all changed

I don't know when and I don't know why

but its all different now.

Life today is not at all what I planned

If you asked me 15 years ago where I'd be in my 30's

This wasn't it

It wasn't a cubicle, it wasn't suburbia

I was going to be an adventurer

Not a mad scientist

But somewhere along the road

I was faced with a decision:

 travel, study, adventure

or love

(oh lord that sounds so sappy and contrived)

So today, the day after Valentine's Day

I think about what got me to where I am

I think about what I'm not doing

And I still go forward with NO regrets.

The emails from the local theater,

the latest tickets to the latest shows,

the amazing deals to exotic destinations,

go unanswered.

I plan my weekends around the zoo, the playground,

the multitude of birthday parties we are invited to.

I have learned that dreams and desires are not set in stone

They don't have to be abandoned or forgotten

They can be changed and cherished still.

I am the same person I was

A little older

A little wiser (I hope)

With a few extra pounds and a few extra wrinkles

And with a whole new set of dreams

Living a life I never planned

Because maybe I never dreamed big enough.


  1. I guess when we get out of the way of ourselves, our reality can be better than what we had planned. (most days. lol)

  2. What a beautiful post!! I don't know where I pictured myself to be at this age, but I like life just where I am. :)

  3. Hi Liz! So glad I found you through Joanna! This is a great post! You have inspired me. I'm your newest follower of everything! Have a wonderful day and hope we can all meet up soon! ;)

  4. What a sweet post Liz and great to see you again. It's been a while. :)

  5. This is such a beautiful post!

    I also never thought I'd be where I am (in a cubicle, in the suburbs, married 10 years, and with 2 kids!).

    It is a good life though, isn't it? :) The photo of your kiddos is beautiful. You are blessed.

  6. Love this post! Where's the "like" button? Truly, I'm not sure I know of anyone who is where they thought they would be. Like you though, I'm happy I'm not where I thought I would be because what I have now is pretty darn good.

  7. This is so good and so true. Life is not at all how I planned but it is sweet. Love the picture of the kids. So cute.

  8. I love this. Definitely the truth! I love how life can be so different than you thought it would be, yet so perfect!

  9. Aw, I love this. Funny how our ideals change, isn't it?

    Look how big your "baby" is! All the kids are gorgeous, Liz. :)

    Thanks SO much for linking up today!!

  10. I thought I would be a career girl through and through. Motherhood never really factored into my plans for the "future." Now that I am neck-deep in parenthood, if you ask me if I want to go back to the corporate world, I'd say, "No way!" I absolutely love the hand I'm dealt with right now --being able to spend time with the kids. They won't stay kids forever. :)

  11. During the first year after my son was born, I sometimes found myself comparing my old ambitions with my new maternal lifestyle. When I did I struggled with finding an equilibrium for both.

    "And with a whole new set of dreams" is a refreshing way to look at life as a mum. Thanks for sharing.


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