WW: February Phone Photos

From blocks to cupcakes to volcanoes made with baking soda and vinegar, February has been a fun month, most of of documented on my phone!!

Valentine's cupcakes for Tommy's class

 Watching a homemade volcano erupt

 enjoying the unseasonable warm
 A lovely day at the zoo

 Amazing roast chicken dinner

 Daddy keeps all the kids' initials with him in the car


  1. I need a good camera on my phone. I almost want to get an iphone just for instagr.am! Fun shots of a fun month so far!

  2. looks like you always ned a camera!! you make everything looks soo fun!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. So fun! I seriously need a phone that takes better pictures! Yous are great!


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