Blogger in Training - Week 3

Inspired and motivated by Bored Mommy's March to Blogher, I am trying to post weekly about my weight loss and fitness goals. 

My biggest goal right now is to complete a half marathon in May.  Its a daunting goal, to be honest, one that will take a lot of training and hard work, but honestly one that I am thrilled about and looking forward to completing.

My other goal is to just generally get fit.  I have a lot of excess body fat, I am lazy and lethargic,  I would love to lose 18-20 lbs before August (a reasonable goal I think).

I will be honest though - right now I'm having a really hard time with it.  Today I am feeling fat and gross.  I am bloated, and tubby, and generally miserable.  I think I have to admit I have been stress eating - a little too much stress eating, and I've been "too busy" too keep to my training plan.  I swear I look like I'm 3 months pregnant right now (but I am most quite certainly positive that I am not at all with child!!) 

I have a lot of great excuses - I work full time, my husband goes to school at night, I have schedules of 3 children to maintain, dinner times and bed times to fly solo.  I'm tired and cranky and always out of time. So I eat and indulge, and try to find comfort in another piece of chocolate, or cookie or indulgence of some sort.

So anyway - here I am - holding myself accountable.  Feeling slightly sorry for myself, fighting the urge to eat yet another cookie, and making the decision to change things.  Maybe I will grow bold enough to even track my weight here - show you where I am, where I've been...but I don't think I'm ready for that today.

Now I'm off to sleep - rest for tomorrow's run (which I WILL NOT skip) and yet another day of work.

Now don't forget to go check out Bored Mommy and wish her well in her March too!!  We can all use a little support in these things.


  1. Ugh, it is so hard to stay on top of fitness and healthy eating when you work and are a mom to little ones. Some people seem to have no problem with it. I have issues with self-control and motivation.

    Don't beat yourself up. We are human. I think you are beautiful and wonderful.

    I look at exercise as my way to relieve stress first and lose weight second. Hopefully that will motivate me to get back on the elliptical this week. ;)

  2. You sound like me last week!! I did all the "wrong" things, had all the "excuses" in the world. Busy, stressed, working, bedtime solo, tired, etcetcetc. But it is what it is, a bump in the road. We get up and move on. :)

    Did you run? If so you are better than I, I still haven't moved a muscle in this great journey to get more fit. I really need to get on that...


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