Gratuitous Phone Dump

I'm tired....hubby in school at night....bedtimes suck

Wanting to post

Not wanting to think originally

Enjoy the latest and greatest from my phone

 Enjoying her first popsicle (sorry for the blurr)

 Enjoying her new arm chair

I met Jill briefly at BlogHer'10
she was so kind, and friendly 
(unlike another BIG blogger I met that weekend sadly)
I am happy for her and her success
and thrilled that she will be in my area!!

Mirrors - the best way to occupy little people at shoe stores

Gates at the bottom of the stairs are apparently ineffective at keeping baby girls from climbing the outside of the stairs!!!


  1. LOL! That last post is hilarious! :)
    Love to see recent photos of your kiddos. They are so cute!

  2. I adore that last shot... your kids are so full of fun!


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