Happy Birthday to my Littlest Guy

Four years ago today, this cute little guy was born.  After teasing us for a week. You made your grand entrance.  Ever since then you have done everything in your own time.

You ate, walked, spoke only when you were ready. Most of the time you are the strong silent type but every now and then you do what you need to to make sure you are heard.

Some people refer to you as "shy"I prefer to say you are reserved.You know exactly what to say and when you need to say it you just spare yourself the energy of any extra talking.

You adore your Papa Rich and love just riding around with him as he drives the van for his the church.

Adventurous as your older brother, and unfortunately as accident prone

You are silly and sweet and boogie to your own little beat!!

You are a big fan of the computer these lately, and even showed me the other day how you Google "Mickey Mouse".

You get embarrassed when people sing Happy Birthday to you - but loved it when Tommy Bobo and I did while we presented you with your ice cream cake.   

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the littlest guy.  I love you little man.


  1. He's a cutie! Happy Birthday to him! I was always embarrassed to have Happy Birthday sung to me too. I even hit under the table a couple years!

  2. happy birthday to your beautiful son! fun pictures of him growing!!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday to your little guy!! What a handsome lil man he is!! And I'm with him 100% on the birthday song....not my cup o' tea!

  4. Awwww SO super cute!!!! He looks like he has the most fun personality, and he is such an adorable little guy.
    (I didn't realize he and Alaina almost shared a b-day!)

  5. How fun! I had a four year old birthday just yesterday (literally)!

    I actually started blogging just after he was born, so I guess that means my blog is nearly 4 years old too!

  6. Good grief, where has the time gone!

    I love his boogie pictures!


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