Menu Plan Monday

Last week was a tease - this lovely warm, easy to grill outside while the kids play and ride bikes kind of nights.  Meals were tossed on the grill and eaten on the deck between games of tag and bike rides 'round the block.

This week we are back to the expected chill of March - and forced to eat our evening meal inside.

If we are going to lose the excitement in the weather I figure I may as well try to find it in the food....excluding Monday's chocolate chip pancakes - that was a decision soley based on the fact that I have not yet gone shopping.

Monday:  Chocolate Chip Pancakes (may not be exciting but did win me mom of the year awards with the kids)

Tuesday:  Meatloaf "muffins" - full of cheese and BBQ sauce(I cook these in the muffin tin - they are done in 15 minutes and the perfect single serving size.   We'll compliment this favorite with MY favorite roast cauliflower and sweet peas (for the kids)

Wednesday:  Simple pasta with tomato sauce, I will be getting home a little late and I need something easy for my hubby and MIL to make for the kids.

Thursday:  We will be trying THIS chicken recipe from Pinterest

With this broccoli recipe from Pinterest

And a simple red roasted potato

Friday:  Chicken Chilli (this is a favorite - I leave out some of the peppers for both my benefit and the boys)

Saturday:  "grilled" pizza (in the oven)

Sunday: Corned Beef & Cabbage (yes I know my Irish family is late in the tradition, but better late than never right?!)


  1. That chicken looks really good! I'll have to pin it too.

  2. I am trying that chicken recipe! And the reason I hadn't seen your post was because I wasn't following your blog, even though I could have sworn I was was. Sheesh. But i'm following now so I won't miss a thing. :)


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