Menu Plan Monday

I've started a new meal planning adventure.  Last week through Living Social I discovered eMeals - a meal planning site that sends you a menu plan AND full shopping list every single week.  You can select what store you want your menu planned around.  I'm thrilled to try this, and hope it will help me stick to meal planning (they really can't make it much easier honestly!!)


Here's the menu for this week. I'm hoping to return periodically and give my thoughts. The recipes look pretty easy hopefully they are as easy as they look!!

Meal 1
Tomato Avocado Grilled Cheese
Waffle Fries
*so very yummy!!  The boys weren't impressed with the avocado, but I LOVED it!!

Meal 2
Chicken Pad Thai
*I was amazed with how easy this one was and how incredibly deliscious - I will definitely make it many more times!!  Next time I'll probably add shrimp as well.

Meal 4
Pesto Lasagna with
Spinach and Mushrooms
Mixed Green Salad
(Crock Pot)


Meal 3
Quick Pork Medallions
with Mustard Cream Sauce
Roasted Vegetables
*OMG!! The mustard cream sauce was phenomenal - the only change I'd make is next time adding mushrooms to the sauce as well.

Meal 5
Italian Chicken and
Vegetable Soup
Crusty French Bread
 *This soup was great - I blended some of the veggie base then added the chicken back in for the boys, Tommy ate most of his, Jack had seconds - HUGE HUGE HUGE moment for us!!!

Meal 6
(this is not part of the plan - this meal was supposed to be a fennel and spinach salad, that just wouldn't fly at my house :)

Shopping Comment:  I followed the Whole Foods meal plan this week, I was thrilled with how easy and complete the recipes appeared and the detail to the shopping list (it includes prices). Once I got to the store I was very disappointed with how inaccurate the prices were. I am assuming in another region of the country it maybe cheaper than in the very expensive North East.  I'll still use the plan, but I'll probably shop at a different store.  They also have customized lists for Publix and Kroger, but we have none of those around here.

Disclaimer I am leaving this little review of emeals on my own, I have received no compensation or incentive from the company. I do receive a minor referral bonus should you choose to sign up for emeals and use my link.

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  1. I love the idea of this, but sadly my family is completely unadventurous. :/ I'm glad it works for you though! And wow for doing all the shopping at Whole Foods...I can usually only afford to pick up odds and ends from there. :)


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