WW: TBall Time

Its time for T-ball....I have mixed feelings about it. 

My boys have fun, so that I love.

But it can be painful to watch....and the chaos....ugh!

Jack is playing this year, but I think he is still a bit too young....

He only played 1/2 the first inning at his first game, then he was done...

 But doesn't he look so stinkin' cute?!

My itty bitty little tball man!!

Tommy is playing as well...but he is better prepared.

This is his second year and he's got it down...

I do like to watch them play and have fun.

The logistics of it can be quite stressful sometimes...

but as long as they are happy I'll be happy...

{but I won't hide my joy over the fact that Tommy told me next year he wants to do soccer instead!!}


  1. Love it! I kind of can't wait to be a tball/baseball mom. My son is already fairly obsessed with baseball. He is definitely our son. haha.

  2. They are SO cute! My brother did the baseball thing. It was fun to watch games over this childhood and into adulthood. :)

  3. Oh girlie... you realize that soccer is like herding cats too?!?! :) We do both every year - and thankfully both are enjoyable if you get past any expectations of it being organized :)

    Your boys are adorable in their gear!

  4. They are both so cute! I actually miss Tee-ball. Dylan is in his third year, and it's starting to get serious!


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