WW: A Very Scary Dinner

I've tried writing this post several times, each time it comes across as a mix of a "What I did on my summer vacation" essay from elementary school and a crazed tween fan letter to Justin Beiber (if Justin Beiber was a kick ass mommy blogger).  I've given up trying to be eloquent or insightful at this point - now I just want to get this damn post written and move on with my night!!

Last night I was fortunate enough to be invited to have dinner with a group of local bloggers and meet Scary Mommy before her book signing.  Thank you again Audrey (Mom Generations Getting Gorgeous and one half of Rhody Mamas) for setting this up for us!!

To put simply it was a wonderful night!!  To sit and drink, eat, chat with such an amazing group of women, getting out for the night to enjoy each other's company and support this amazing mom/blogger/author.  I am so happy I was able to get there (thank you MIL for watching the kids and getting all 3 in bed before I got home!) and I can't wait to spend more time with this wonderful group (including our mass exodus to NYC to BlogHer this summer!!).

Melissa, Meg, and I

 See!!  Proof!!  I met Scary Mommy AND she signed my book!!

In this pic, I'm either gushing over the fact that I met her a couple years ago at BlogHer 
OR finally telling her my name so she can sign my book

Thanks again to Audrey for setting this up for us and all the lovely ladies who made the night so special!! (If I missed anyone please tell me!!)

@RIGatorMom from Baby Gators Den
@MelissaG813 from Filling Our Bucket
@TwinswithTots  from Twins with Tots
@aWrinkleInTime from My Wrinkle In Time
@MegRTaylor from Baby Makes Four
@savorthethyme from Savoring The Time
@dentistmel from The Mommyhood Chronicles
@CarlaMolinaM from All Of Me Now
@TheNewModernMom from The New Modern Momma
@MamaLuvsBooks from Mama Luvs Books
@Liza_Rae from Cira's Lyrics
@sarahviz from In the Trenches of Mommyhood
@JenSenecal from Keekoin and the other half of Rhody Mamas!!


  1. Yeah!!! It was so great seeing you!! Xoxo

  2. It was so much fun and I really look forward to these meet-ups! Nice chatting with you last night. :)

  3. I had the same issue! I went from not knowing her at all to all of a sudden being like a huge fan. I was sounding a bit like I had Beiber fever of the mom blogger variety a few times =)

  4. It was so great meeting you! Loved chatting at dinner. Looking forward to our next outing! And BlogHer! :)

  5. This wa a fun night. Wish we could have chatted but the table set up was Looooong :):):)
    Missed me on the blogger list but that's okay. If you want to add it is
    Catherine Colby Costantino http://twinswithtots.blogspot.com/

    Be well Liz and hope we all get together again soon

    1. Oh no!! Cathy I'm so sorry!! (I noticed a gap in my list earlier, my blog knew I needed to add you!!) It was hard to connect with everyone at such a long table, hopefully we will have many more opportunities!!!

  6. I agree the table was ginormous. Next meet up. No biggy at all. It takes a lot more than that to ruffle my feathers...although my hubby might say otherwise :):):)
    I tweeted this too. Gotta share the scary mommy book. It is great

  7. It was so fun meeting you! I love chatting with all of you girls!

  8. Great post Liz! It was such a nice night, and great to see you again. I can't wait for meet-ups, and especially BlogHer! WOohoo. :)

  9. I managed to get into zero pictures. Boo. At least it was fun. lol


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